I went to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) is to update the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).  Here are the MRI results for May 2015 (with Steffie).

1) Developing a high MRI.

I was getting sleep.  We really in deep… tired sleep.  The MRI was very caution as we went PMH.  I was sitting for 3 days/2 night at the hospital, which was MRI still long and hard. I don’t know yet… We were taking CCNU for second time, but I was probably taking the Vepesid or VP-16 can be use. I still don’t know yet.

2) Steroid is increased.

There are 4 out of 3 steroids to say that is more effective.  Now I’ll need 5 steroids to increased a day.   I hope your steroid/plan shows!

3) Toronto Western Hospital works well.

In terms of October 2014, I can spend the whole month!  I met family and friends, and spent a various time in the future.  You know everything.  Well done.

Anyway, our family is awesome. Great job.


Happy Birthday!


Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday! Happy 35th!

Thank you to Steffie for organizing the party and to Mrs. Ling for catering. Thanks to Martin and Veronique for smoking meat and BBQ.  Thanks to Vince, Adam, Melissa, Irene and Jennifer for helping with anything.  I also want to thank Dave W. for letting us use this party room. They did an amazing job putting everything together.

Thank you for all of your support, well wishes and frequent visits. It has meant a lot to me. I’m getting better slowly.

Eat, drink and enjoy!

2015 New Year’s Resolution


Happy 2015 (Chinese New Year is Thursday, Feb 19th, 2015)! Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions for yourself? Below are a few of my resolutions for the year.

– Improve on Walking

– Improve on Chinese/English

– Using right hand successfully

– Buy a house

– Laugh more

– Join the Gym

– Meditate

– Be Happy

What are your resolutions?

I was introduced with Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) at beginning of the fiscal year.  January 2015 was the first one.  This helps people overcome the challenges of disabling injury, illness or age-related health conditions to live active, healthier and more independent lives.  Here is my staff who work Outpatient Schedule:

– Linda: Physiotherapy

– Chris: Occupational Therapy

– Sucheta: Speech Therapy

IMG_6713 copy

After this first time, the therapy was taken 2 days per week, around 3 sessions for each people (about an hour).  TRI will be running at Wednesday and Friday each week.  Since it is downtown and I am at Mississauga, it takes over 1 hour in driving.  It is started about 10am and leaved 2pm.  Hopefully we will avoid traffic.

Now, here are some options for Physiotherapy:

IMG_5627 IMG_5625 IMG_5619

And some of the guys too (thanks Vince and Jeff!)

IMG_5631 IMG_5616

That’s it for first round.  See you there!

Coming to Homes

It was nice to see everyone! Thank you for visiting (my home)!



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Coming to Hospital

It was nice to see everyone in hospital! Thank you for visiting!






Long Time No See…

It’s been over half a year since I wrote something new.  I still can’t believe it’s that long already.  You may be wondering why I waited so much time.  There are essentially 3 reasons:

1) Full time work is scheduled

2) Amount of work is taking me longer to write a post

3) Just want to reveal how I am feeling now

For the 1st reason, I have been working full time since January 2014.  I like the people, the projects and the work Ive been tackling.  My work-life balance has been organized well over the last 9 months and overall, I’ve enjoyed it so far.  So no complaints so far.  For the 2nd reason,  I would admit I was just lazy.  I have not taken more free time to visit the blog, add pictures, and provide some updates.  I need to do that better next time.

For the most important 3rd point…

The first 8 months since working has been stable.  The last few weeks I noticed that I felt more ‘sickness’ on my right side.  My arms were not as strong.  I can’t hold certain items as heavy.  My left vs. right hand was a lot different.  My right handed typewriting is tougher too.  I can’t even type normally when compared to high school dates!  While typing this blog, my right hand is weaker and it’s a big deal compared to using my left hands.  Hence, I’m keeping things easy.

I’ve also noticed my speech is slower now.  I can’t find the words quickly and I can’t say it accurately.  It sucks!  I would be wrong when I read out basic statements, reads in a book, or saying what I want to say.  I hope it will get better for me over the next few weeks.

Lastly, another reason I don’t like, I have to do a teeth root canal next week.  Stay tuned…